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Announcement of new official FFLMayapur website
By Sundar Govind Das on Mon, 2010-07-21 10.10
Launch FFL   Today we are very please to announce that FOOD FOR LIFE MAYAPUR (FFL Mayapur) launching their official new website www.fflmayapur.org. Through this site you will get to know the latest food distribution program at ISKCON Mayapur, as and when it happens. Please stay Updated!

This website is dedicated to serve world in humanitarian prospects and to fulfill Srila Prabhupada desire about " No one within ten miles radius of ISKCON Mayapur temple should go hungry" and “Our temple should be the via media for feeding the poor with food and spiritual knowledge.”
At www.fflmayapur.org, our goal is to provide our visitors with a captivating and interactive current news experience about the recent activities. While we offer rich content already, we continually strive to add more information to update you with the latest happening which offers four main prasada distribution areas to serve Mayapur better.

The site features a “Special Events to support” section on its homepage to get the visitors acquainted with top sponsored and that people discuss around the world. The donation options provided at the same page makes it easy for visitor to support on special events easily.

We invite you to visit our attractive photo and video gallery today. Hope you like it; it will be of interest to a wide audience group from devotee to all well-wishers. Let us know what you think?

Importantly, we have included a expansion button in the top right navigation that allows people to understand our project more clearly. We have also included a graphical and informative representation of those particular food distribution programs and its policy. The topics are well defined and categorized. It’s provided greater certainty and definition and allows you to understand how a project decision was made or what state of development required.

In addition on the site’s “our donor” section on right panel, donors can get informed easily that there donation is officially acknowledged. And that is not the end; we continually work to add more activities successfully to honor the important and thoughtful contribution by you. We value excellence, donor’s satisfaction, integrity, teamwork and commitment which include, more comprehensive project development reporting with policy discussions.

We plan to add regular video on right panel at current video section. Also there is dedicated space for e-newsletter subscription. We added social network to drop your positive and constructive suggestion and a frequently updated blog. So be it the latest.

www.fflmayapur.org is your charity giving gateway to support the needy, Srila Prabhupada and the Sri Mayapur, the birth place of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates. Whether you are a simple householder or a corporate professional, we have something or the other for you to help. Every contribution is welcome and importance for us to improve our activities which you can get noticed on www.fflmayapur.com

Help us spread the word. We think website is a great tool and is something that everybody can benefit from. So we would be really pleased if you tell your friends about www.fflmayapur.org

Alternatively it would be great if you could write a post about www.fflmayapur.org on your blog or website to make it popular in positive angel. To make it easier when writing about our website, you are welcome to use our screenshots, banners, logos, as well as text, by prior written permission from fflmayapur@pamho.net

Enjoy Food For Life Mayapur (FFLMayapur) and it's new website. Thank you for your support.
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Words from Director
By Sundar Govind Das on Mon, 2010-07-21 10.10
Launch FFL   Please accept my best wishes for a truly prosperous life. I am very happy to directly contact you through www.fflmayapur.org

With a view towards fulfilling the vision of ISKCON’s Founder-Acharya Srila Prabhupada, Food For Life Mayapur (FFLMayapur) has made considerable progress in providing spiritual and humanitarian welfare in response to the numerous requests of its friends, well-wishers, ISKCON life patron members, donors and devotees.

Our first major and well-known welfare project for this year was the Ganga-sagar Mela. Our mission was to distribute sanctified foods (rice, dal, sabji, chutney and sweet rice), clothes (blankets, saris and winter clothing), drinking water, Bhagavad-gitas and provide the pilgrims with a shelter for their night stay. I am happy to tell you that we were able to fulfill your cherished desires to benefit the populace there.
For the first time in the history of Ganga-sagar Mela where seven to ten lacs of pilgrims gather to take a holy dip, we added a mobile facility to distribute drinking water and hot khichari. The pilgrims who had thronged from various corners of the world took advantage of this, thus creating a sensation throughout the Mela, and all those who had helped and supported this venture were greatly blessed.

In order to further increase our humanitarian services, since the last few months we have started distributing foodstuffs to each and every neighboring village across the Ganges. The quantity of foodstuffs has been on the increase ever since then. We hope to expand these operations to other villages and towns in the near future.

On the auspicious day of Siva-ratri, we embarked on a new project in Mayapur: “Gauranga Prasad Seva”. Through this project, we have arranged to distribute full plates of prasada lunch meals, free of charge, to a minimum of 100 visitors on a daily basis. Besides this, in order to make sure that no pilgrim should be deprived of the transcendental experience and taste of Krishna’s prasada, we have set up free prasada distribution counters catering to the pilgrims in the morning and evening. And we organize free prasada distribution on a massive scale during major festivals.

With the help of our generous sponsors, we are providing educational facilities such as notebooks, school fees and uniforms to underprivileged, yet talented, students. Our strategic plans to benefit such children include providing midday meals to the local schools as well as child labor schools in the foreseeable future with no discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, age or gender.

Obviously, all of these efforts to benefit the people are insufficient to fulfill their enormous and basic needs. In order to steadily maintain the functioning of these service projects, sufficient financial support is undeniably required. We are sure that these ventures and endeavors to overcome obstacles and move towards a bright future will succeed with the help of humanitarian, service-minded persons interested in public welfare like your good self. We are well aware of your kind contributions to ISKCON Mayapur in the past on various occasions.

We hope that our endeavors to better serve the world, both this generation and the forthcoming, will find full-fledged support and help from enthusiastic philanthropists like yourself.

Yours in the service of humanity, universal brotherhood and Srila Prabhupada,
HH Bhakit Purusottama Swami
Director of FFLMayapur
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" No one within ten miles radius of ISKCON Mayapur temple should go
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